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Received the following message today:

Subject: April Lexus Specials

Spring is finally here and at 12:00 PM on Friday, April 27, 2001, Lexus Mission Viejo’s
“Spring Clearance” begins! This sale will end Monday, April 30, 2001 at 9:00 PM. These
are our lowest prices of the year and our available inventory is now online for you to
view and choose the vehicle that is right for you.

“No hassles”. Just the finest, easiest buying experience possible. To receive your quote,
just go to and call or email us with the model,
color, and corresponding MSRP of your choice. Be sure to ask for Ted Smith, Allen Karsh,
or Tim Lawrence in the Internet Department for this special Internet spring event. We
look forward to assisting you!

The e-Commerce Department
Lexus Mission Viejo
[email protected]

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I pissed them off!!!

I called with my quote from another dealer and asked him to compare the numbers, so after 5 minutes of pure lexus on hold music he comes back, and at this point he was rude... He said she is scammin u man, be careful!!

I was like how, he said i am the number one dealer and i am 400 off her price, she has to be messin with u... Dont fly there and get all screwed over... Lexus talkin smack about another lexus hmmm... I hate situations like this, dont know who to trust, i do have to say the dealer i am getting my car from offered to fed ex me the car papers to match the car im getting and the vin! she also stated she will order it for me so it will have less than 15 miles on it at time of pickup. Pick me up at the airport, take me to breakfast then sign the papers and drive off. Total in time at the dealership is 45 minutes...

By far out of all the dealers i have called ( 20 atleast ) West minister lexus and Vicki are the best so far!
$33,096.12 out the door
piping on the seats, wood plates, and lojack..


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