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I was just glancing over a Lexus maintenance schedule I picked up at my dealer last week. It is not specific to any model.

The first thing I noticed is that "Tire Inspection and Rotation" is an every-5,000-mile item, starting at 5,000. That's cool, since the low profile tires most of us run need that kind of attention.

The second thing that jumped out at me was "Body Paint and Corrosion Inspection" at the 1,000 mile checkup, then at 10,000 miles and every 10,000 miles thereafter. I'm gonna hold them to this as my SBM has almost 5,000 miles and has many many chips in the front bumper and hood. Many chips.

This topic has been discussed at length in the past here but after we all agree that the new environmentally friendly paints are not as good/hard as those we are used to, and that the low profile of the IS may contribute slightly to increased chipping, we all just let the topic peter out with no real conclusion nor substantive response from Lexus. Now that I see a "Paint" item on their official checklist I plan to use this as leverage down the road when the front of my car is really trashed from incidental road debris.

Our paint really *is* softer than older paints. It really is getting damaged faster than we have any right to expect. Lexus really will need to address this once they have a long enough baseline to make it obvious to their corporate consciences. We all just have to draw this issue to Service's attention whenever appropriate, get our comments into our Service files, and push aggressively for a remedy once Lexus begins moving.

I am sure not happy with the damage on my beautiful SBM paint from less than 5,000 miles of clean driving! Lexus WILL fix this eventually.
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