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Before it launched, rumors suggested the Lexus LFA supercar might be a hybrid. That of course turned out not to be the case, the high-powered and high-priced exotic instead opting for a naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V10 engine. But now several spy photos have emerged showing something that just may prove the original green supercar theories true.

Spy photog Brenda Priddy recently snapped a few shots of an LFA out testing – with camo on. This of course is odd, because the LFA has already been revealed.

So what's with the camo then you might ask? Well, we can't really comment about most of it, but there is one important piece that sparks our interest. On the left front fender a squarish piece of extra camo could be covering up an electric port to plug the supercar in. That's right, an LFA Plug-In Hybrid. It's not really all that much of a stretch as Toyota is already preparing to launch a Prius plug-in hybrid and could potentially use this high-priced exotic to cover some of the development costs of future hybrid cars. Besides, we already know Nissan is thinking about delivering the next-generation GT-R in hybrid form, based on the 600-hp powertrain found in the Essence Concept.

Is an LFA PHEV in the works, delivering amazing amounts of power while at the same time the ability to get amazing fuel economy around town? Quit possibly. After all, Porsche seems ready to deliver the 918 Spyder, while Audi has its e-Tron, Mercedes is working on the electric SLS and BMW is planning its EfficientDynamics supercar.

Then again, maybe that little square of camo is just a decoy.

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