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You guys are ridiculous! Not just you guys, but the Acura people too! People, you bought a car from a high-end, why don't you act like you did! All i see is high-school trash-talking back and forth. Did you guys borrow money from your Mommy and Daddy to get the IS300?? Or did you earn your money?

CL-S is faster than IS300 in a straight line. Period. However, the IS300 will blow the CL-S in the salom. Period. BMW 3-series and Lexus IS300 are a DIFFERENT type of car from the CL-S. CL-S is basically an Accord with a powerful engine and better suspension. BMW and Lexus are sports sedan...very pure in its handling and reflexes...but not particularly a burner (except the GS400 and M3).

Thanks, and enjoy your cars! And grow up along the way too!



1997 Honda CR-V
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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