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Alright guys, I read all the forums before I decided to start this thread so please don't yell because I haven't found a problem or symptoms my car has. We already figured out my afr from a recent thread I have posted so hear it goes.

My car from how I remember even when it had stock twins. In the winter the car idles at 1500 rpm totally hot. Starts cold around 1700.

In the summer it would idle down to 500 even stalled on me a few times.

Stock ecu now with stock tune from what I know. Aristo swapped 2jzgte vvti.

So far I have messed with (probably shouldn't have) the screw on top or TB no real fix. Car idled at 1000 for moment last night. Then got up this morning to test it if its still on track. Nope! Back to idle at 1500 totally hot!
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