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Lexus dented my car

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I had my car in today for the 5K checkup and the TRAC ECU replacement. I got a call from the service rep later in the day, saying that the car was ready. I asked if there were any problems, and he said that there was one. A tire had fallen off a tire rack, bounced up and dented the rear passenger door. They had they dent removal guy come out and work on it and removed the dent. I drove over there (they had given me an ES as a loaner) and looked at the car. The rep showed me that where the dent had been, you could see that there was a slight wave in the reflection. He really wanted that to be the end of it, and it probably would have been if I had other dings in the car, or had 20K-30K miles on it. But I only have 4.5K, and no dings. So.... they are going to see what they can do about it. First step is a body shop, and if that doesn't satisfy me, then they'll replace the door.

At least they're admitting to the accident, and doing what they can to correct it, but it just was yet another thing in a bad week.

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that sucks, maybe u can get some free stiff from them!
I feel your pain, I had a similar experience at my 5k service. I went to pick the car up after it was done and asked if everything went ok. They said there was one problem. One leg of the lift kicked out when it was up and the car fell onto the leg and bent the skirting. I was going NUTS. But I calmed down and they said it would be fixed in 2 days and sure enough, it was, and it was good as new. I asked them for a free oil change for my troubles and the said no problem. Good enough for me!!!

I hope everything works out for you, and after it is all done....ask for a freebie!!!
They shouldnt deny you....

That would ring my bell too. I agree that they need to do whatever necessary to bring it back to it's original condition, and then make it worth your time with some free oil changes.....or ask for the tire that hit you!
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At my old dealership
someone hit my car on the passenger side door and they didnt even tell me about it and I was in a rush so I didnt see it but when I did I snaped because on the way back from picking up my car my Grandma rear ended me
But they fixed it for my but never fixed the real problem, which I found out was a defect in the car from factory. Im still on them for that
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Hey sacremon, you got a pretty sweet deal. Most other dealers wouldn't even tell you about the ding and if you happened to find it later they would deny any knowledge of it. From what I've seen, Lexus dealers are pretty classy. That's one additional reason to buy a luxury car.
sacremon, I live in Atlanta too and gonna get IS 300 in the future. Care to share with us what Lexus dealer that was? Thanks.
I went to Santa Monica Lexus for a service and they ran into a fence with my car. I had a fence pattern on my front bumper. They painted it free of charge but now it doesn't match with the rest of the car since the paint is all shiny in the front and faded in the back. Too late to complain though, I just had another service done...
HmmmmIS300 - check your PM

IS300LEX - I'm hoping that since the car is relatively new (probably got to the lot in December), that the paint on the door will match the rest of the car. I'm real good at detecting differences in shade, so I hope for their sake that they get it to match the first time.
Although they screwed up, I am impressed by the extent they are planning to go. Like someone said earlier, at least they admitted to it and they are trying to do whatever is necessary to remedy the situation.
hey sacremon i had to deal with serious dents in my door when my car was vandilized...whatever you do not settle if lexus says they are going to see if they can replace the door...body shops 99% never do this. specially for a ding...they fill it in, and sand it down and then repaint it and put on a wax which settles for about 6months...if you put another layer of wax over it within that grace period it will possibly cause anyways like i was saying if they tell you they are going to give you a new door, make sure they do. i was told at the shop i was getting a new door, and yet the morons let me look at the car and i saw the guy filling in the i persued it and they did place a new door on, but i mean it was pathetic that they tried to cover that up...this happened with 4700 miles on the car. best of luck and sorry to hear about that
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At this point, there really isn't a noticable dent. The guy who took out the dent did a good job making it relatively smooth. It's just that you can see that there is an area where the dent was - likely from small unevenness due to knocking out the dent. I would guess that if they tried to get it perfectly smooth via the dent removal process, they would risk damaging the paint and/or introducing metal fatigue.
oh oh i get it...see i thought you meant it was a deep dent where they had to fill it in, buts not that deep so they just pulled it out...
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