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Lexus better get on their horse...

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If they want to build a competitor to this in the near future:

Motor Trend quotes the new M3 as...

"The World's Best Sports Sedan...Again"

"It's a tach-pegging, tire-abusing, power-sliding, apex-hitting, ear-pleasing, ultra-precise high-speed thrill"

0-60 = 4.8 (est)
1/4 = 13.2/109.0 (est)

Damn, I want one.

91 M5
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I'm surprised bigger companies like Toyota or GMC don't poach engineers from Stuggart. I'm sure they can make an offer that the engineers can't refuse. I'd be curious to know if BMW makes their employees sign some kind of NDA so they can't carry the trade secrets with them. I know Toyota tries to break down the M5 and Z8 into components to see how everything fits together, and I'm sure it is a common practice.

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