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Lexus better get on their horse...

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If they want to build a competitor to this in the near future:

Motor Trend quotes the new M3 as...

"The World's Best Sports Sedan...Again"

"It's a tach-pegging, tire-abusing, power-sliding, apex-hitting, ear-pleasing, ultra-precise high-speed thrill"

0-60 = 4.8 (est)
1/4 = 13.2/109.0 (est)

Damn, I want one.

91 M5
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I don't know about the other Japanese supercars (if that's what you call them), but Skyline is pretty luxurious when compared side by side with the M3. It has got a very nice interior, which surprise me a little bit when I first saw it. The R34 is especially nice in the inside, and I think both R34 GTR and the E46 M3 are pretty close comparison. On the track, I think it depends on how brave you are. Anyone who knows how to drive a rear wheel drive car can power the M3 to decent timing, but to get the GTR to go fast on the track, you got to be brave. The way Skyline is designed can be considered very unusual, as the designers actually want you to drift the car. You have to know to trust the traction control and then just step on the gas when you are not suppose to use rear wheel drive cars.
Now, back to the topic. I don't think Lexus want to compete with the M cars right now, that will be extremely dumb to do. They need to first make sure that IS300 can threaten the 3 series in all area, and then go for a kill on the M3.
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I am not taking on any side regarding this issue, but I am hoping Young is right on this issue. If E46 M3 is really slower than the M5, then I think I may reconsider the direction BMW is heading with their cars, and I may not want to get an M3 once I saved up enough money. I hope they are not cave into the "let's take out a little performance and satsified those rich people who want a luxury coupe that can kick Corvette's butt" thing.
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