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Lexus better get on their horse...

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If they want to build a competitor to this in the near future:

Motor Trend quotes the new M3 as...

"The World's Best Sports Sedan...Again"

"It's a tach-pegging, tire-abusing, power-sliding, apex-hitting, ear-pleasing, ultra-precise high-speed thrill"

0-60 = 4.8 (est)
1/4 = 13.2/109.0 (est)

Damn, I want one.

91 M5
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Originally posted by LexusIS300:
Any of the following would do, IF they will ever arrive in RHD version.

Skyline GTR (Vspec or 400R)
Impreza WRX (the real one or 22B)
Lancer Evo

Um, what? Don't all those cars already come in RHD? Or does RHD not mean Right Hand Drive? Maybe you mean LHD?
Originally posted by LexusIS300:
That's why Motorex is selling the R34 Skyline RHD at $ 89 K. It costs only ~$ 50 K in Japan. I wonder how many cars they crash tested.
I think they crash tested about 4 or 5 of them. Remember that customs taxes also play a part in boosting prices, as well as shipping costs.
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