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Here's the official announcement from Lexus:<P>

Thanks to a comprehensive incentive program, students graduating from college can open the door to a Lexus and drive into their futures in style.

Effective June 1, Lexus will offer eligible college graduates a $750 rebate on any new or Certified Pre-Owned Lexus vehicle. For those customers who elect to finance their vehicles with Lexus Financial Services (LFS), they will also be able to take advantage of several favorable finance options to seal the deal (for qualified customers upon approval of credit).<P>

Not only is Lexus one of the few luxury makes to offer a college graduate program, but the company also offers one of the highest rebates of this kind in the industry. In essence, the program is a way for Lexus to encourage and reward those who pursue higher education.<P>

In addition to the rebate, customers can also take advantage of the option to put no money down, a 90-day deferred first payment when financing (except in Pennsylvania), a waived security deposit when leasing and free one-year roadside assistance.<P>

"We are pleased to be able to give something back to our customers in the form of a substantial cash bonus," said Mark Templin, Lexus vice president of marketing. "This is the first time Lexus will offer the cash bonus as part of our college grad program."<P>

To qualify for the LFS College Graduate Finance Plan, a customer must meet four conditions:<P>

1) Graduate within the next six months, from an accredited four-year college, university, or registered nursing degree program; graduate from an accredited two-year college; or be enrolled in an accredited graduate degree program. In all cases, students who apply now are eligible to take advantage of the program if they graduated within the last two years;
2) Furnish verifiable proof of present employment or proof of future employment which will begin within 120 days of credit approval with a salary sufficient to cover ordinary living expenses and vehicle payments;
3) Furnish proof of insurability; and
4) Have no adverse credit history.<P>

With a few simple pieces of paperwork, and a college degree, that dream car does not have to be so far off.<P>

"The combined rebate and favorable finance options offer new graduates a competitive deal," said Dave Nordstrom, LFS corporate manager of products. "We look at this program as an opportunity to reward new graduates for their accomplishments and welcome them into the Lexus family with this oftentimes first vehicle purchase."
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