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For all of you that have been in WAITING and WAITING like me for the L-SPORTLINE GROUP BUY and have given up. Please read the following email that I recieved from Joey.

"I really apologize for this!

I am sorry for giving you such a headache for this small situation. I am
glad to hear that you have so many loyal members willing to wait for our
parts. I will make sure that you are the FIRST to get this information on
the parts. I promise you this! Can you give me an accurate list of what
parts you are interested in? Example:

6 -L-Sportline IS300 Front bumper
3 -L-Sportline IS300 Side Skirts
5 -L-Sportline IS300 Rear Bumpers
10 -L-Sportline IS300 Rear Trunk Spoilers

I just need to know because when the parts DO arrive, I need to tell my
distributors (who have many many many on backorder now), what they can pick
from and what they can't. If you are taking all of the first shipment of
wings, I need to let them know at least.


Hence guys.... EVERYONE please contact me if you are still on the group buy for L-SPORTLINE and what you guys are interested in buying. I know alot of you guys were looking for the wing. The price listing goes as follows.

L-Sportline IS300 (Confidential Group Buy)

Front Bumper (unpainted) $ 368.00

Side Skirts (unpainted) $ 316.00

Rear Bumper (unpainted) $ 352.00

Rear Wing (unpainted) $ 236.00

Just keep in mind retail on the kit is 1600.00.

Hit me back via email at [email protected]
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