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Originally posted by Legend:
geoff, hehe, i maybe new here but i know one thing can lead to another when it comes to a CL-S discussion with you. I'll tell you this, as a fellow Acura owner, I dont dispise honda the way some lex owners here do. In fact, the CL actually looks some wut like the 93-95 legends. Yes i DID testdrive the car, it is good in every sense and i believe at its value, it is a GOOD buy for ALOTA people. HOWEVER, the car (while fast) is not that much different from what i've seen from acura after the legend years. I'm still looking for that DISTINGUISHED acura car and the CLs isn't it. like the tl, rl, it is good but it is too normal. the IS is nothing like the rest of the lexus line, and it absolutely stands out from the crowd, ANY crowd.
dont get me wrong, the cl is a good car, just not what I'M looking for. BTW, it also didn't help that the ACURA dealers here won't budge a penny from their MSRP of $32k w/ nav. this is the same dealership where my current legend comes from. I mean, man, you are not going to develop any loyalty treating your existing customers like that.
the lexus dealer is right next door and i know that the second i drive that IS300, i'll be in love. its just that simple for me..

As a CL-S owner, let me say that that is one of the best reviews/opinions of the CL-S I have read yet!! Many of the people on this forum don't believe this, but **most** of the CL-S owners that frequent this board can TOTALLY UNDERSTAND why our car is not right for everyone.

And as far as your dealer is concerned, I'd be interested in when you test drove? They are smoking WAY too much crack if they think they're gonna get MSRP for this car!! I bought my car May 3rd from the ONLY Acura dealer in the city I live in and I didn't even pay MSRP back then!! I had never purchased a car from them either! Right now, you should be able to get AT LEAST $1500 off MSRP for a CL-S.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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