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Leased one today in Maryland...

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It was black/black with LSD and Graphite wheels. With a beacon score of 650, I didn't qualify for the $399 deal I was looking for. After tweaking the numbers around, I got the car for $440/mo + tax and tag with the promotional $2374 "down" payment. 12K miles allowed per year. Money factor was .307. I negotiated the selling price to $31969.
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OK so I am gonna have to watch my milage too. I just moved out here to Baltimore Maryland. When I got here the only IS that I had seen around was a yellow one. Now they are poping up . There is a black with tan in my parking lot at fox leigh. So if you see a gun grey IS with Ohio tags drive like a bat out of... its me. more to come to my IS. Any good tracs around here guys?
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