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Leased one today in Maryland...

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It was black/black with LSD and Graphite wheels. With a beacon score of 650, I didn't qualify for the $399 deal I was looking for. After tweaking the numbers around, I got the car for $440/mo + tax and tag with the promotional $2374 "down" payment. 12K miles allowed per year. Money factor was .307. I negotiated the selling price to $31969.
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you'll have to come cruise with us sometime to all the car shows... we're all headed down to MIR w/ Swift racing to see the gs400 hit the 9's with full interior. I'll try and get a post up in the altogether threads.
See ya around!!

btw... i work in silver if you see a diamond white is300 driving by... just honk and wave!
hmmm... tracks.. there's a couple of drag strips... Capital Raceway in Crofton, MD (route 301) is happening friday nites until 11 pm... and then most hit the illegal drags at metro and in dc.

Then there's MIR in budd's creek which is way down south on route 301 past waldorf.
Lots of car shows in the area and just group get togethers. Don't be afraid to post a note in altogether if you want to meet people... I think we're all itching to get out and just shoot the breeze with other IS owners.

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