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Leased one today in Maryland...

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It was black/black with LSD and Graphite wheels. With a beacon score of 650, I didn't qualify for the $399 deal I was looking for. After tweaking the numbers around, I got the car for $440/mo + tax and tag with the promotional $2374 "down" payment. 12K miles allowed per year. Money factor was .307. I negotiated the selling price to $31969.
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What's the penalty if you go over 12k miles? I'm glad I bought my car because I already have 12k miles in 10 months.
I'm pretty sure custom paint jobs won't affect the warranty, unless the paint somehow leaks into engine and causes it to completely fail
Mods like intakes and exhausst shouldn't be a problem either, but some dealers can be b!tches about it. Now, if you did an engine swap and put in a Supra TT engine in, that's a different story.
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