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DSaenzSF said:
I realize this has been widely discussed but my questions have never been answered. I am ready to buy a L-Tuned style front bumper to go with my L_sportline Skirts are Rear. I cannot find a L-tuned or Neo Customized front bumper for a reasonable price, Is there any higher quality alternatives besides the cheap erebuni knockoffs. Thanks in advance
Do a search for Carson-tuned...or maybe it's Carson tuned, or somethin like that.
Actually, there was a post about it not too long ago. Just look through for a few pages.
Steve Ganz @ Carson Toyota (very respected on .net) is having a kit produced in Japan that is VERY similar to the Ltuned kit.
I think it might use the stock foglights instead of round ones so as not to infringe on patents or something, but it will fit like a US Spec bumper.
Seems like a good bet for you! Good luck!
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