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L-Tuned IS?

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From MotorTrend--

"Lexus is also working with TRD to create an L-Tuned version of the IS 300. Body effects would feature front fascia and lip spoiler, choice of grilles, side skirts, rear wing and wheel/tire set. Suspension modifications would include shocks, springs, front and rear sway bars, brake pad and slotted brake rotors as well as a performance high-flow exhaust."

Does anyone know if these components are typically available to be installed at the dealership, not voiding the warranty, once you have purchased you vehicle?
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"L Tuned components provide increases in performance and enhanced appearance for Lexus automobiles. Just as signifcantly, L Tuned is the only line of performance enhancing products developed through, and approved by Lexus. This insures the extraordinary quality you expext from Lexus."

...this is straight from and should answer all of your questions. Quick question, what issue of Motor Trend is that quote from?

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