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What do you people think about Konig Burner Rims? I need to get 16" wheels for winter and the burner seems to be at the right price.

btw. Is it worth buying from Discount tire direct?
They are going to charge me $52 for shipping of 4 wheels if I buy from them.
how much are rims from local stores?

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1) I personally don't like the Burner model as well as the Reign. I know there are more interesting designs than either of these available that I really like. However, I went with the Reigns because they look so much like the factory 17"ers. I would have trouble buying wheels if I couldn't see what the vehicle would look like with them.

2) I currently have an order with DTD. I don't have my wheel/tire set yet because they are waiting on a shipment of Michelin Pilot Alpin tires. However, DTD's customer service has been great so far!

3) You may find a local dealer that is willing to meet (or come close) to the price charged by DTD or Tire Rack. I know my local Tires Plus was willing to do this. There are certainly benefits to buying locally. However, when thinking about shipping costs, consider that you're probably going to spend more than that on local/state sales tax if you buy locally.


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