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Just saw an IS w/ body kit

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Just saw two IS on the way to my work, and one of them is I believe Graphite Gray or Black (kind of hard to tell w/o sunlight from far away) that has a body kit. I hope it does not belong to anyone on this board because it is so ugly. I couldn't tell if there are any side skirt, but the front opening is just too big. I think if the opening is slightly smaller and the front spoiler is a bit longer, then maybe it will look good.
Anyone in So. Cal seem this car yet?
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Well, if you do it right, then it is ok. Like that Altezza R or the way Lancer Evo is (except VII), those are good looking body kits. You just have to do it with taste.
I am thinking about getting a kit in the future, but it got to be tasteful and somewhat useful (highly doubt the latter).
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