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I talked to XERD today and their coming out with the Headers tonight. He told me that he is 100% sure that the SRT ecu wont need to be reflashed. Well either way I ordered the RacePipe along with the Headers.... I really hope i dont need to reflash the ecu for the header program. I dont feel like taking my ecu apart and sending it out. I hope no CEL. Either way, XERD also told me a few other things that I'm sure will make .NET members very happy. Think *boooost*!!! 8)
I wonder what I'll be running?
-STOCK Eshift- approx. 174rwhp
-SRT R-ecu 185
-PLP heatshield Jack&Shit
-Hks Hiper 195
-XERD RacePipe 207
-XERD Headers 220 rwhp<~~~hoping
btw anyone have good prices for install and dyno? GoodJob XERD.
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