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Hey much did you pay for your cheep wheels ? I have been looking for some resonable wheels/tire deals but everything I have found is $1200 plus...and I really dont want to spend that much dough unless I reall have to.


Originally posted by vlad_a:
I kinda like the idea of having separate summer and snow tires. I just wish I didn't get the 2 hr drive home on my Potenzas when it started heavily snowing.
I got 16" inexpensive aluminum rims and Bridgestone Blizzak LM22s. They provide a lot better traction than the allseasons would. Got to have 16" wheels during winter in my area. Too many potholes. Besides, I can't stand watching those nice 17" rims being covered w/ salt. During summer, I'll put my 17" wheels back for better handling/looks.
I got to agree with you on offering 17" all seasons. I guess they figured people would opt for 16" in this case.
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