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I've been watching the new Best Motoring and thought I'd pass on what I could understand.
They tested the new M3 on a very wet Tsukuba race track against the STi WRX, EVO VII, Skyline, Porsche 996, NSX, and RX-7 TT.
They finished:
1. EVO VII (by a large margin)
2. Skyline GT-R
3. Porsche 996 C2
4. NSX
5. M3 (was in 3rd til he blew a shift at the end)
6. Impreza WRX STi
7. RX-7 Twin Turbo

- on the track the Impreza WRX STi driver kept shouting 'understeer!' and 'slow on the straights'
- the M3 woulda beat the NSX and STi on the wet track, but the guy
missed a shift on the last lap (he apologized).
- they picked the new M3 as most fun to drive (engine feel, brake feel,
steering, stability etc.) - best in all categories - 2nd was 996 Carrera
2, 3rd was NSX, 4th Skyline GT-R, and fifth the RX-7.
- The Porsche and NSX were the easiest to drift, but M3 great also. They said the RX-7 was really tough to drive smoothly (in

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Did you buy the VCD from Hong Kong, or you got the Japanese Video? I'm interested to see the M3.
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