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Just Piecing together my audio system...want to start the install in 2 weeks or so.

HU: Apline CDA-7995
Front Stage: Infinity Kappa 60.5 component set
Rear Stage: Infinity Kappa 693.5 coaxial set
Front/rear stage amp: JL Audio 300/4
Wiring & interconnects: Lightning Audio

I'm a bit stuck on the subs though. I have had JL audio subs in the past and loved them but the Infinitys caught my eye, they both handle 400watts RMS, they have similar air space requirments. Has anyone compared these subs? Im looking for quality bass and ive narrowed it down to these 2 as i can get them localy. I intend to power a pair of them with a JL Audio 500/1 in a 1ohm load.

Anyone know which would be "better" in this environment? I listen to ALOT of techno...a little rap but mainly techno.
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