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JIC introduces our FLT-TAR VIP coilover suspension system. The FLT-TAR VIP has all the same features as the FLT-TAR but made for luxury vehicles. The FLT-TAR VIP is designed for a comfortable ride while still retaining the same handling performance and quality found in the FLT-TAR. It also allows the vehicle to have a very low drop along with larger diameter wheels without affecting the compression and rebound travel of the dampers. Rigorous testing of the dampers insures that comfort and handling qualities are met while giving the driver that very important VIP stance, improve handling, and gain that aggressive look.

-Front and Rear Rubber Pillow ball mounts for ride comfort and quality.

-Ride height adjustable with lower bracket. Allowing to keep full stroke.

-12kg Front spring

-7kg Rear spring

List price is $2398, please contact me for special pricing!!!

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