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Thanks to is300gtr, and sophiesleeps, thank you very much the install came out great. I am very happy! :) Ill'll post pics l8ter today when I put the new bulbs in, I got 9006 blue bulbs to put in, I am very happy! To all is300 2003 owners who want to do the install you need to do some modifying.

First, go to a junkyard or Lexus, get a 9006 connector. Lexus calls it a "2002 fog light connector". you need two of them.

Second, remove you stock yellow fog lights, unplug them,

Third, take out the wires out of the stock plug, that is connected to the car,

Fourth, connect the new wires to the new plugs,

Fifth, plug the new fogs in, (JDM). And put in new bulbs if you wish.

Sixth, put the new fogs on the car, screw in and turn on.

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