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not looking to spend too much on my sub setup, and i found a really good deal on a 10" JBL P1022 sub. i'm not too crazy on subs and just prefer a bit more bass over the stock setup.

specs are here:
JBL Car & Marine Audio

my current audio setup:
Pioneer AVIC-D3
Metra TYTO-01 harness to factory speakers

i do plan on eventually upgrading to an alpine pdx 4 channel amp, focal kf series speakers all the way around in the future if that means anything.

as for the amplifer, i plan on pairing about a 400-700 watt mono block amp to power it and have the box built to spec.

at my work we have the 12" version of the sub i posted, but we don't have a good enough amp to power it. just wanted to get some feedback if anyone has had an experiences with these subs in their car.
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