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its not the car.............IS vs IS

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theres a saying: its not the car its the it true? anyone out there had a head to head with another IS, what happened?
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I've raced another IS about 2-3 weeks ago. Coming home from a club about 430am. I saw this spectra blue IS w/ chromes cross me at the light. I made the turn to catch up to it and see up close. Me and my friends are looking comaparing colors at the light. When it turned green we hit it and he inch away from me lil by lil.I was ashamed to say he beat me. Only becuase I had 2 others with me and he was alone. We raced at 2 different lights and same outcome. Finally I backed off bacuase one of my friends was laughing like a [email protected]#$ plus we were up to 100+mph on a local road getting out of control. He never got more then a car length ahead of me and most came from the take off then we stayed somewhat even like that. Does extra people make that much of a difference?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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