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Its easy to bash the IS300 but let the truth be told!!

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I would first like to say hi to all my fellow Is 300 owners. I have noticed a few comments from people that made me die laughin so i needed to address some issues not to discourage any new IS owner because the Is is by far a sweet ride!!!!
To qwickvr6 If you the same dork from vw audo chat you should not even comment in thi sforum with your stock 5 year old ride. I was better then you then and I will still rock your A$$ to sleep. When I did 12k of work on my jetta you had nothing nice to say when i got into three mags you still bashed dude get a life admit something is nice its OK you jolly gree giant. VW are still al love of mine but none are in the same class as the IS 300
To the Kid with the L3, I say L instead of M3 because outside of the pre 91 and the new M3 Bimmer never made a real Motorsport version to the 3 series maybe a modified luxury model with a cute front spoiler and 240hp. I would take a 90 M3 before i spuit on a 2nd gen M3 they are nothing but cute 3 series. They new one is hot but you sit on a car for 6 months and deal with a 10k mark up I shopped it around. Diss the IS however you want but when TRD places a supercharger on the marker and everyone in this forum i feel for you being smoke by another Toyota.
to the kid with the CLS oh my god you were the best i nearly peed when i saw what you ignorant a$$ was saying. First the CLS is nothing but a CL with badges. It is no way in th elevel of the type R in my opinion. Ok 260 hp is a sweet number but again refer to when TRD modifies the IS and that 260 will seem like a small number compared to the numbers kids in this forum will be throwing out. I thing the Cl is a big ugly version the even with the badges is not worth the money acura is loosen its touch ( proof: why come out with a racer version to the CL and give it a Navi system ans: acura type r fans get lost easy)I see you list a audi S4as a car you wanna race. I showed him you ignorance and he would love to show you what a S4 can do. He has a Blue S4 quattro with a joehoppen motorsport stage 2 turbo system. Oh and he would also like to say " I will show him what a car is that has something more then just badges" mind you at the 350+ hp he is putting out I am sure you'll do nothing but just talk out your A$$. I have owned a few cars in my life, 90 928 s4 with devek cams, 95 Full projektzwo jetta vr6 featured in three magazines( european car, Vw trends, Performance VW british mag) done by VW sport USA, 2000 eddie bauer Expedition with a full clarion mulimedia system ( waiting for that damn playstation 2) and now I have an IS 300. To the kids that say its an overpriced corrolla or civic that fina and dandy do you honestly think at 35k we couldnt afford anything else guys seriously at 35k lease or purchase your talking alot of cars in the class, maybe just maybe we like the car and dont car for your ignorance. so let the truth be told. I dont care what anyone says about the IS300 its a phat car and is hands down worth ever dollar. 215 hp,rear wheel drive,is a solid platform for anyone interested in tuning any car. Lexus has a great track record for satisfied customers. Unlike mitsu with thier 30k recalls and defects. I dont see the purpose to bash in the time it takes to settle this TRD will have a supercharger for the IS300 and have my fellow owners will probably get one then I guess you guys without IS300 will find something else to bash so in the time it takes to get the supercharger out think of something good ill be throwin a system in my ride oh did i mention down payment on that one allready.
Mike V
If you dont have it don't be mad at me, hate the game not the player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S To the rest of the IS300 owner Mike V is here defender of all that is good and phat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IS 300
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Wow check it out, this guy knows everything, finally we got someone on the forum with an opinion LMAO!
no what is sad is that out of every post on this forum you guys write the most. You goof or geof you seem cool in one of your comments mentionin how some guys in the forum are cool then yet you bash. If you like cars are the tuning industry why bash acura/honda have their market place.I dont see where you can't admit the IS300 isnt a solid car. As for Doug im sorry dude should I bow down to your genious, damn the heat in arizona most be frying your brain if you wanna comment on MY OPINIONS. I wont even ask what cars you own becuase I dont feel like lowering to your level. Oh I gave my wife a Honda accord ( base model ES no ABS) but she crashed it twice so do you think its a good Idea to keep the IS out of her hands or should I leave her with the expidition. Sorry to change the subject but my OPINION where not to you guys in the first place.
Mike V
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i never bashed the is300 except for its taillights and lack of performance. otherwise, i like the car a lot -- i came very close to buying one.

why don't you and your two posts do a bit of research before writing a rambling diatribe as if you're spouting universal truth (tm).

hop to it flippy...
Geof I almost purchased a CL-S, but my wife thought It was huge. Cant wait till she is done with school to see her thoughts on a CL 500. You do to a small degree make negative remakes ,but you also make friendly comments

the is300 is a head-turner to some extent, i'll give it that.
See thats a good statement, but then you kill it by saying to some extent. I have yet to meet someone that didnt say that my IS isnt phat.

it desperately needs a manual to have the necessary speed, though.
Manual is coming

You can look at the downside to almost ever car out there. In my case the Lexus filled my needs as a daily driver and my wifes as something small that was not a bimmer. I say was not a bimmer because almost everyone we know ones one. From 328's, 540's, 850's she just couldn't deal with a bimmer. The Acura was a close second to a long list of cars I wanted. The Lexus is also not geared to any compition in any means to the CL-S. Nice TM by the way. I dont ramble I just get annoyed at ignorant people at all you see is bashing when it first start and it killed it for all the A4 guys. Now the S4 is out and you lost some of the bashing, but now you deal with guys dissing each others choice's of tuners. I guess its a natural progression in online forums. I however don't feel the need to bash someone that has the money to buy a 30-40k car no matter what the choice's is. I like in manhattan where cabbies don't respect any price tag figured I needed a get away and this forum would be it if you guys chiiled a bit. I know a few people as i am sure you do too that wouldnt mind having a 30-40k car let alone a car in general
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like you said, this forum's all about opinions: you stated yours, i stated mine. most people here are pretty cool, and that's why i hang despite not having an is300.

but unlike most people here, i have actually driven an is300 before i made comments. not a lot of is300 owners can say the same thing about the cl-s, yet the acura takes plenty of abuse here. to each his own -- that's what makes this fun.
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of course, an e36 "l3" you call it is only a "cute 3 series." it was only on like every car mag's top ten buy list for almost every year of production and won nearly every single comparo it was involved in, and did i mention it won the award for the best hanlding car in 97? are you a ****ing idiot or something?!?! then you say all it is a 3 series with a modded bumper and 240hp. sure it's not a real M engine but the engine is NO SLOUCH. compared to the euro version it's not as good but why dont' you compare it to something else. on top of that, the m3 is one of the best track cars i'd ever want to use, ther's torque everywhere and the handling is EXCELLENT. who are you to be calling cars nothing but cute? you have an is300 so you tell me. 240 hp is weak? wtf is 215? the IS doesn't even currently havea manual tranny and the ride is too soft to be a real cornering champion. you have your foot in your mouth.

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[hate the game not the player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this case hate the owner not the car.
IS300 owners.. this guy isn't helping your cause any.
I like to eat poo!

this topic is degenerating...

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NYIS300...sorry man..but I'm not on the VW chat..which ever one you speak of...You have me confused with someone else..regardless your car blows dogs for quarters!


Originally posted by NYIS300:
To qwickvr6 If you the same dork from vw audo chat you should not even comment in thi sforum with your stock 5 year old ride. I was better then you then and I will still rock your A$$ to sleep. When I did 12k of work on my jetta you had nothing nice to say when i got into three mags you still bashed dude get a life admit something is nice its OK you jolly gree giant. VW are still al love of mine but none are in the same class as the IS 300

you still at this same old game... just tryin' to piss em off eh? well more power to ya if they get all bent up over comments like that.
If the fish are biting...wouldn't you keep fishing?
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you're fishing...and with the right bait too...

i personally think you should go to a different pond...but that's just my opinion...

2001 IS300 Graphite Grey
94 Supra TT/6-speed/HardTop
90 Integra
86 Corolla GTS (AE86)
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also for your information ******, who do you think designed the suspension on the e36 m3? and do you think there was ever a completely M developed model of hte 3 series? um HELL NO. they were all based on the current 3 series of the time. just for your information the differnece between the euro and the US spec m3 is the engine and the gearing. the suspension and handling are very much alike, and it was designed by the M division. the reason the e36 m3 in the US has such a wimpy engine is because the US has pretty damn strict laws for emissions and bmw hadn't figured out how to get a euro HFM and six throttle bodies onto an engine and still keep it within emissions standards. why dont' you learn what you're talking about before you open your mouth.

p.s. the e36 euro spec was designed by the M division

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mr.clam is right ya know, check the specs on both the U.S and Euro versions, you'll notice almost everything is similar except the engine (The GTR version is also based on the same 3 series and the M3 - simply a slightly modded euro M3)... and why in hell would anyone complain about the M3 being based on the E36 platform.
oh hello 240 horse isnt weak but from the euro spec it ism in which BMW determined to be to expensive and wont sell in the US ( would cost 55k) from BMW managment reported by Car and Driver. As for the similarities get off your high horse's on information and what you think you guys know they differ plan and simple. The pre 01 was also based on the 3 series platfrom but look at the stylin much different the new one totally revamped( note style cues of z8 on door fender HOT!!!). The M3 is a tight car I would get one and I dont own just a IS300 so relax. If I wanted the old body style M3 i would get one I just dont drive used cars, and with the New one coming out hmmmmmmm temptation. As for the awards guys please the 300M won awards too I wouldnt be caught dead in one. Handling Ok I give it that. I too also believe most of you guys can't take that car to its limits( I say that littly as I am sure everyone will now tell me they attended skip barber school of driving and have a SCCA lic for over 10 years). Oh and there is the price tag thing too how much more money is a E36 m3 compared to the IS300 and you get what 30 more HP hmmmmm I know its only a few thousand more , but you wanna start quotin information on cars guiys did the IS300 get one bad review I think not. I believe road and track gave the lexus a good write up in there long term review. I will however give you know it all this the M3 is a better car the the IS 300 so is the CL-S, but, The IS300 is not in the same compitition with those cars. The new M3 is to head up the corvette as of a resent BMW associations meeting. When ask of the intention to put the M3 against the S4 BMW officals said the M3 is not a comparison car for that class. The 330 all wheel drive although underpowered is design to face off for the S4 market( BMW believe people will be satified with the all wheel drive and handling on that car) So back to you guys that know soooooooooo much thrill me now please. Goeff I apologize to you only because i did see a few more of your post I jumped the gun alittle, but seriously I was mad at all the retarded comparisions of cars that are not even in the same class IS 300 meant to got against BMW 3 series and Audi A4. Not any other insanily stupid comparision next I'll hear you guys saying how much faster a CLK 55 is in comparision to the IS300 you morons (GEOF Except you.....)
Mike V
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Qwickvr6 relax there guy. If your not the kid from Vw Audi chat then your fishing with out a pole because if you have a VR6 VW im laughin at you. If you dont Im laughin at you anyways. Thing is killing me you guys don't own the car and you come in here to say the suck they suck and laugh at people that get all worked up. The funny thing is you really don't have anything betterr to do with your time did they laugh you out of AOL car chat 1. If you want to comment its a free world, but if you think your getting a rise out of me pleaseeeeeeee. I seen you Username and a kid I know had that username on AOL as well as other forums so excuse me. Again I may have jumped the gun. Its a NY reflex
and to the guy with the comment dont hate the car hate the owner your a ganus oppps I meant genius. Did you take long to think of that one or did you get help??.
Love you all too
I can do this all day long!!! Question is can you????
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oh hello the reason taht BMW doesn't have the euro spec is due mainly to emissions. and just so you know you were calling tihs car a "cute 3 series" when in fact it's a totally different animal. you also said that the M division didn't engineer it, huMMMMMMMMMM so i guess they j ust ripped off the suspension from a normal 3 series and it magically performs well?? the only thing not engineered by M is the engine, and in europe the car was designed completely by M(as far as modifications). so don't make erroneous claims that this car was not an M produced car, it is more than just a cute bmw. then you talk about styling? please. it's a wolf in sheep's clothing, nothing else. you yourself call the car a "cute 3 series" when there's very few styling cues that give the away. who cares what side flares they have or other gibberish on the exterior, none of it is performance oriented. and also fyi, sure its' only "30 more horses" but it's been said before that the m3 "only has 240hp, but it uses everyone of those hp". the engine is serioulsy underrated and of course, you didn't know that either. the new m3 can't keep up with a vettee if it tried, it's running like ~13.4-5 in the quarter compared to the c5's 12.7 good luck bmw, not gonna happen. btw, it's recent not resent. waht i think i know are facts, and they're documented and available all over the place. what you have is a bunch of "ideas" you ahve about the m3. i thought the m3 was just a cute 3 series too, two years ago when i didn't know anything about cars. no true car enthusiast ever slights the m3 the way you do, not in magazines, not on message boards, only the jealous haters or the ignorant.
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Now admittedly your spelling and grammar are making it difficult for me to read but I am surmising that you think the M3 is a show pony? Thats a damn good way to blow your credibility on this board. Although I would have to agree the CL-S is definetly questionable.........

We all dig the IS man and I'm glad you have three of them or A V12 Merc, or a Honda, or whatever, I mean hell i got thirteen cars too! counting the other nine I haven't bought yet but should be her tomorrow. You know guys my Modena and the Turbo, I'll just pick up which ever one arrives first.

But yeah man the IS is B A D! It pulls like 2.35 lat g's and does 60 in 3.6 with the e-shift set on snow!


(post script) Even if the IS had a TRD S/C worth 260, my money would probably still be on the "old" M3.

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