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it breaks my heart

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About six weeks ago, I bought a brand new pearl white, tan is300. It is everything I expected, and more. Great build quality, superb fit and finish, strong performance, and an unusually smooth transaction at Bell Lexus of Phoenix. Well, it's been about six weeks now, and I've got too many cars. I've decided to sell my 99 Corvette and my new Lexus to get an Acura NSX. I know that it's going to hurt, both emotionally and financially to unload the Lexus after only a thousand miles. However,I've never let common sense get in the way of a car transaction, and I suppose I'm not about to start now. Anyway, do any of you resourceful folks out there know where I might list the is300 for sale with a knowledgeable audience? I'm afraid that if I list it in the local paper, no one will know what it is. I would appreciate any help you could give me.
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I'll buy it off of ya for 10 bucks!!!!!

(Just joking)
maybe you'll get a good offer on ebay, i remember ppl bidding like crazy when some scam artists were listing their spots on the waitlist (theyre doing it again with the sc430), make SURE you state that the auction is for the ACTUAL car.
wuts the milage on the car? and if there anything wrong with it? have u abused it? and wuts the asking price??? Im getting a C320 soon.. i am now officially screwed. my dad withdrew my deposit on a DWP IS300 and im starting to regret it..

email me at [email protected]
The car now has about a thousand miles on it, and it has been driven VERY gently since it is still in the break-in period. The car is absolutely brand new, and has been sitting in my garage since I bought it. I changed the oil after three hundred miles, which is what I have always done with a new car.
I paid $37,000 after tags and taxes. I think I would part with it for somewhere around $33,000, although its painful!
One thing for sure!...Don't sell it back to Lexus. If you want $33G for that car right now..I think ppl are willing to put a little extra and get themself a brand new IS300.

why worry, be happy!
I'm willing to offer you 25 thou. for your car!
Like mrclam said, putting it online would be great, like on autotrader or something. Perhaps TEG or webmaster can create a "classifieds" section on this board for that purpose, as people who come here would definitely know about the car.
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