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Thanks to member cdeslandes for this tutorial.
Here's a quick tutorial, to be improved over time.

Dead Pedal:

1) Yank out the dead pedal; use brute force, pulling from the top end.
2) The new dead pedal just snaps into place. NOTE: the new pedal comes with white receiving clips, remove those if the existing ones are still good.

Brake Pedal:

The sport brake pedal consists of an aluminum pedal pad, with a rubber backing and four (4) rubber "lips" designed to fit around the pedal core.

1) Remove the existing pedal covering by lifting the rubber lips behind the pedal.

2) Put the new pedal in place. It only fits one way. All 4 rubber lips must be fully extended around the pedal core, which can take a little while to do. Be patient. It is essential that all lips be fully extended around the pedal for obvious safety reasons!

Accelerator Pedal:

1) Locate the accelerator pedal; it's the one you press to send more money to the sheik of Kuweit. Then locate the accelerator assembly at the top. Remove the lower dashboard panel if you're so enclined, to get more working space (held by screws & clips)

2) Open the accelerator assembly using a Torx screwdriver bit to remove the 4 screws. Torx bits are shaped like a little star, and can be found at hardware stores, or any computer store. I recommend you use the shortest screwdriver you can find due to the tight space you'll have to work in. You may have a hard time applying enough force, so use both hands!
NOTE: there are NO wires or electronics to worry about in there, just plastic pieces & metal springs. Anyone can do this!

3) Inside the assembly you will see the rest of the accelerator pedal, including a little paddle-like extension, that presses against a spring. If you can open without everything falling out, take a moment and study it, or better yet take a picture with your digital cam.
Here's what to expect, please pardon the bad drawing skills and lack of photo:

4) Pull the pedal out. Place it in a wise as show below, then punch out the pin holding the pedal with a punch tool or a nail set ($2 at your hardware store) and a hammer. The metal shaft is very solid, you're unlikely to bend it if you are reasonably careful.

5) Put the pedal back together; a couple of little plastic pieces making up that little paddle extension will most likely have fallen out: black paddle piece, and a white stop tab. Don't panic: they only fit one way!
The spring is actually two springs that fit into each other like so:

6) Reassemble by putting the pedal assembly back into the housing (over the round shaft inside the housing, then while holding it with one hand, insert the spring in the empty space above the pedal. The spring should push against the little paddle, pushing the pedal back up. Make sure you use all your fingers to keep things in there as they'll want to jump back out! Be patient.

7) The spring also comes with a little black rubber "sleeve"; it fits on top of the spring, facing you when placed into the housing. Its role is to keep the spring from rubbing against the cover, making a squeeky noise. Center that rubber thingy over the spring as you put it in place, fitting each of its end between spring coils.

8) Place the cover back up, insert and tighten the 4 screws. Check for normal operation. You're done!

9) Test-drive the car. Then it's Miller time! In that order, please.
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