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Here in Hawaii a cop recently caused the death of a young woman. The cop was drunk and apparently ran a red light and broadsided a Honda Civic being driven by a woman who was only 19 (I think, she was very young). She had just bought the car to get to and from her job in downtown. And this officer had already been involved in a previous incident where he was drunk and broke into a woman's home and passed out on the floor. When the woman's son awoke him, the officer got angry and pulled a pistol and threatened to shoot them. All he got was a slap on the wrist and he said that it was such a weak punishment that he had no incentive to give up drinking. HPD let him stay on the force and now look what happens. He snuffs out the life of another person. He refused to take a sobriety test and his license is now revoked for a year or so. I find it ironic that these are the people that are entrusted with enforcing the law, and I find it ironic that HPD is now utilizing unmarked cars to catch wreckless drivers. Perhaps they should concentrate on themselves before getting high and mighty attitudes w/ the rest of us. I for one have seen cops take advantage of their position way too many times. It just pisses me off to no end that cops are allowed to get away with things time and time again. I realize that not *all* cops are bad, but I have seen and dealt with too many of them to respect them as a whole anymore. Integrity-Respect-Fairness: This is what HPD has painted on each of their squad vehicles. All I can say is that I feel that it is a total farce. And how can anyone respect these public service announcements about "drive safely, arrive alive" when the people preaching the message are some of the worst offenders on the road?
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