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Crazy to see Figs Engineering trying and not accomplishing this back in 2010:
OG thread:

IS350 Front Brake Caliper Upgrade
-11.6" (294mm) stock IS300 rotor upgrade to 13.1" (334mm) rotor.
-OEM Advics 4pot calipers
-OEM IS350 rotors

No grinding the caliper, no RCA needed. No offset brake pads issue. 100% bolt-on
Calipers are cheap, brake pads and rotors are cheap.

Advics 4pot OEM calipers and rotors from:
2006 and up Lexus IS350 (including 2016 and up IS200T and f-spot models)
2006 and up Lexus GS350 (including 2016 and up GS200T and exclude 2013+ f-sport model)
2015 and up Lexus RC350 (including 2016 and up RC200T and exclude 2013+ f-sport model)

Ebay usually sell a used pair for $99-$200 bucks.
Re-manufactured on rockauto runs for $113
local junk yard, less than 100 for a pair.

you can use used rotors but make sure you get them turned at your local machine shop.
new aftermarket rotors are pretty cheap, $30-60.

If IS350 Calipers are not good enough for you, you can also upgrade to ISF, GSF/RCF or the larger Advics 4 pot caliper from the 2013 and up GS350 or 2015 and up RC350 F-sport cars.

2013+ GS350 F-Sport brakes:

For some reason, Lexus release larger brakes and rotors for some F-Sport model. These rotors give the correct hub offset to make use of ISF calipers. ISF rotors will not work with ISF caliper

What's needed to complete this upgrade:
Any one of four caliper listed above.
My bracket kit

Bracket kit now shipping. DM me on IG, I'm 100% active on there. You can PM me here too but I only visit this forum during work.
I've sold over 20 brake brackets kits from other lexus cars in the past year.
600+ rating on ebay.

I have a few sets ready to ship.
Seeing how well they sell, I will make more as the demand is there.

Online store at

BBK outline measurement template to check if your wheels would clear the calipers

MISC info:

Bracket with bolts: around 16oz or less.
IS350 front caliper: 11.4lb
IS350 OEM front rotor: 23.5lb
2013+ GS350 F-sport 2pc OEM front rotor: 21lb
GSF/RCF front caliper: 10.1lb
GSF/RCF OEM front rotor: 32.5lb (yikes!)
ISF front caliper: TBD

Wheel size:
IS350/GS350 4pot (336mm rotors) might fit 17" wheels with spacers. I suggest 18" wheels that can clear BBK. OEM 3rd gen IS F-sport wheels look nice on 1st gen IS.
ISF 6pot or GS350 F-Sport 4pot (356mm rotors) will require 18" wheels
GSF/RCF 6pot (380mm rotors) will require 19" wheels

Looking for crossdrilled/slotted?:
IS350/GS350 drilled or slotted rotors are easy to find everywhere. make sure they're 334mm rotors.
For ISF calipers or the 13+ GS350 F-Sport calipers that want drill or slotted rotor go with Quickstoppro on ebay or R1 ceoncepts rotors. A year ago, stoptech released drilled and/or slotted rotors for 13+ GS350 F-Sport calipers but they're discontinued now. Quickstoppro quoted me $15 per rotor to do any drill pattern I want. So if I were to do ISF calipers, I would get centric rotors listed PN above ($30 each), send it to quickstoppro for cross drilled ISF rotor pattern for cheap.

Price range:
IS350/GS350: $200-300
ISF: I've seen front caliper sets for $600. Most people sell complete sets for as low as $900 to $1700 on ebay.
GSF/RCF: Most complete sets are over 2k. There's been a few front calipers popping up on ebay for ~300 each.

Where to shop:
Ebay using keyboards "Lexus brembo Calipers" "lexus is350 front caliper -covers -cover " "gs350 f sport rotors"
CL, FB groups, forums,
*pro tip: when searching on ebay, you can put a minus in front of a word to exclude search results.


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how soon might you know if 17s will work 100%?
I believe 17" wheels will work.
Reason, if you search, you can see people with IS350 running 17" wheels.
It all comes down to offset, wheel face and backspacing of the wheels's spoke.
With the bracket, I designed it to sit OEM as possible.

Most people with 1st gen tend to run the stock 17" wheels and I believe those will require spacers. I'm going to guess 10mm.
hopefully, as soon as people get these install, they will test fit wheels.

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good to know barrel isn't the limiting factor.

none of the posts you posted list width or offset. it's one or the other or just saying it came with 17s stock. well, xe30 came with 17x7.5 +45 which, without taking into account spoke design, is 11.4mm outboard then the jce10 17x7 +50. so similar to the Supra caliper in needing 15mm spacers--or getting wheels with a high disk offset...

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I've shipped over 20 of these brackets all around the world and people are loving them. slowly receiving pictures of their brakes. They can't believe how simple it is to install.

ISF 6 pot with 356mm rotor on IS300:

2013 GS350 FSport 4 pot caliper with 355mm rotor on IS300:

IS350 4 Pot caliper with 334mm rotor on IS300
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