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Here is some info on the New IS350. Just thought I would pass along..

12V+ is green at Radio Harness
Acc is Orange at Radio Harness
Ground is White/Black at Radio Harness
Illumination is Green(+) at Radio Harness
Power antenna is Yellow(+) at radio harness

LF speaker (+)Light Blue
LF speaker (-) Orange
RF (+) Black
RF (-)Gray
LR (+)Light Green
LR (-)Blue
RR (+) Light Blue
RR (-) Red

Misc items:
-Headlights low beam is Red/White(-) at pass fuse panel gray 10 pin plug.
-Hazards is Lightblue(-) at switch or Yellow(-) at pass BECU(24 pin plug)
- Wipers low is Yellow(+) at driver BECU 26 pin plug
- Wipers high is Reb/Blue(+) at driver BECU 26 pin plug
- Parking Brake is Yellow/Black(-) at switch
- Trunk release is Pink(-) at switch or Passenger BECU 28 pin plug
-Fuel door release is Blue(+) at switch
-Seat memory 1 is Lightgreen(-) at switch in door
-Seat memory 2 is Red(-) at switch in door
-Horn is White(-) at steering column
-Reverse lights are Yellow(+) at driver fuse in 30 pin gray plug
-Brake lights are Red/Black(+) at brake switch
-Low current parking lights are Yellow(-) driver fuse 28 pin plug
-Speed sense is Blue(AC) at amp is passenger side of trunk
-Tach is White(AC) at data link connector
-Power lock is Blue(-) at switch in door
-Power unlock is White(-) at switch in door
(An extended pulse will roll windows up or down! A module is available already to interface this!)

Please note that Power source controller(PSC) is located behind the Glove box!!

Battery is Orange(+) at PSC 40 pin plug
Ignition 1 is Light Green(+) at PSC 40 pin plug
Ignition 2 is Pink(+) ate PSC in 40 pin plug
Acc1 is Light green(+) at PSC is a 40 pin plug
Starter1 is Light Blue(+) at PSC 40 pin plug
Starter 2 is Violet(+) at PSC 40 pin plug

All door trigger is Violet or Pink(-) at driver BECU 10 pin plug
Trunk trigger is Blue or Green(-) at Pass BECU 28 pin plug
Hood trigger is White/Blue(-) at switch must diode isolate
Alarm arm is done with door locks
Alarm disarm is done with door locks or Ignition and transponder!

Please note:

Lisnup65 makes no representation or warranty with respect to the above information including its accuracy, completeness, or its freedom from third parties' proprietary rights. Lisnup65 disclaims all liability or responsibility for errors or omissions therein or any decision made by the recipient in reliance thereon. The installer must verify any circuitry with the proper test equipment prior to installation.

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thanks for the info...the server is pwnting search right has anyone done any custom installs in the x50 yet? i'm just looking to add some bass to the stock NON-ml system...anyone know of any enclosures out there that keep the trunk clean, maybe something in the wheel well or spare tire area?? thanks and +rep for any links to threads, pics, info, etc...

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Hey, long time...

Does the FM antenna plug into the back of the head unit for ML, or is it different?

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Ok, I have no clue what's in the new generation IS for speakers. What's in there from the factory (non-fancy upgraded bullshit stereo please)... and what are they capable of taking?

I'd imagine that IS350s are great candidates for kickpanel installs cause they're all freaking autos. Can the doors take 8" midbasses??? That would be cool...

I honestly, haven't seen a whole lot of custom work in new IS'. So I don't know what they can take... I'd love to learn more so I can help people out around here.

Here are a few IS350 installs that I have found online (all are by simplicityinsound... San Jose, California):

ICIXSound.COM Forums - Install Log of my most involved install in a long time - Please DONT reply to this
Just got my system done...PICS!!!!! - Club Lexus Forums
IS350 Stealth audio install...thought i'd share some pics - Club Lexus Forums <------ AWESOME

Simplicity In Sound for the installer. The guy's name is Bing... he's insane.

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Has anyone sucessfully installed a remote start on a new IS250 or 350?

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i have been inquiring bout getting a remote start for awhile and so far for the is x50 guys there is nothing that is specific like an i-data part that will make it work yet. we spoke to a rep at the company today and they said that they have a part in the works and should be out by spring to summer time. they said there are ways to make it work now without the data part bt it will require you to cut wires they said there are some behind the glovebox bt recommeded that a person wait for the bypass parts to come out so no cutting will be required

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Remote turn on

I found that the remote wire on my car was actually red. I have read a lot of people saying that it was pink or orange. I found a red on on the harness farthest to the back that was only hot when ignition was on, and everything is working perfect when i tapped into that one. Hope that helps!!

06 350, ML/Nav

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@ngerasimato I have successfully installed one. If you dont have experence i wouldnt try it yourself.

@lisnup65 I was not able to find the negative park light wire as you have listed. References a 28 pin plug that i have for the life of me not able to find. The car has two positive light wires and i dont wanna run that because i dont wanna have to run a relay. could you describe exactly where it is or provide a pic or diagram. My description has it facing the firewall hoever i dont see anything on the side or the back of the fuse box.
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