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Thanks to member ionic_slim for this information.
after reading some more on the Toyota tech info site...there's a update flash - the TSIB eg005 which is an update to the TSIB eg003. If you look at the attachment below, on the first page under "Warranty Information" there's a table with "OP CODE" on the first column. EG2003 is for the GS300 and EG2004 is for the IS300. On my service receipt it shows that they performed "TSB EG2004" which is the updated TSIB EG005. I was looking for the TSIB number on my service receip but instead the service advisor used the OP CODE from TSIB EG2005. Both pdfs from my previous post does not contain the EG2004 OP that means I have the updated flash! :cool:

Cliff notes:
TSIB EG003-01 (2001 IS300)
TSIB EG004-02 (2002 IS300)
TSIB EG005-02 (2001 IS300) <-- The updated one to EG003-01. OP CODES:


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If you open the pdf there's a section pretty close to the top that says "production change information" -
"ecm calibration revised" then the "starting VIN# JTHBD182#10025186
(it also has the TRAC ECU revision with the VIN# JTHBD182#10025186).

It's my understanding that that number was the first one they fixed off the line, so all previous VIN numbers have the old calibration. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I always thought this was worded a bit oddly.
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