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Okay, i was on my way to houston from OC (John Wayne Airport)... i'd a pretty good start on the IS3 spotting game, the first IS3 i see was @ John Wayne overnight parking lot B1 level... 2001 MSM, painted red caliper w/ mesh (racing hart c2?), and RMM lip spoiler, very clean, me likey :p ...HOWEVER, i barely see any IS3 while i was in houston :roll: ... although i saw like a dozen passing by Sterriing McCall Lexus dealership next to the 59 ... i was expecting to see some nicely done IS3 while on Bel Air..but no luck :pissed: ... anyways, i finally catch one IS3 @ houston... but IT WAS FUGLY, DAMN SO FUGLY...and here's why- 2001 black onyx body/orange & lime green stripes *around the car/ above the stripes the color is DWP (WTF?!), it got 02' 5spd spoiler, custom *slanted GReddy evo (which's not suppose to be slanted), and he painted his oem wheels to black...FUGLY!... if you're the owner of this car, you should be very ashame of yourself :shame: i was on the gold 4dr accord behind you from Galleria mall ...both made a left on Chimney Rock all the way to like 610 :bitching: ... and for those Houstanian, the licence plate # of that car is "K79 HPD" ... watch out for this rice-out mofo... :wink:

On the other hand, i see like TONS of 2004 turbo 996 *cabriolet....and many other 996 and boxters...crazy shiet... :crazy: anyways, went to a few nice azn resturant... like A-Dong on Bel Air... and this japanese resturant- Kileen (i think that's how you spell that lol) :) ... oh, and i stayed @ this community off Lexiton street (next to Briegwater?), any .netter there? i feel like that place should be full of nice lexus haha, but i only see couple m3 smg's :x

Anyways, i might head down there again early/mid next year, hopefully this time i can meet up w/ a few of you nice .netters :D
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