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She is good now but the ECU needs to be wired as off now ac and Trans control aren’t working… car is running now, coils were flooded had to be cleaned one by one.

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2001 E-Shift, Built NA-T, Standalone
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I believe you have to use the stock throttle body along with stock TPS and APPS for the trans to work. I tried wiring my standalone to do the DBW and it worked, but the trans didn't work properly. I've seen someone mount it remotely in the engine bay and the car works fine, while having a cable driven throttle for the engine.

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My pride and joy, 2004 IS300 90k on body 0km on Engine.

Here is the list of mods tune not yet done (aiming for 600hp).

Power mods:
Fully rebuilt motor.
Turbo: Borg Warner 8376 .091AR.
Haltech 2000 Doomslang harness.
Stage 2 BC cams.
GTE pistons and Rods.
Bored and machined bottom end.
Haltech Wideband Single Channel.
1.3mm head gasket.
ARP heads Studs.
Spring Valves and Retainers.
Cam Gear.
Tail 38mm Westgate.
1200cc injectors.
XS 2JZ Steampipe Zaust Manifold.
Walbro 460.
3” Exhaust system.
CX racing cooler kit.
Auto Transmission VB Valve upgrades.
Transmission cooler.
Fuel pressure regulator.
Fuel return line.
Greddy OLED Boost Controller.
Greddy Boost Gauge.
Catch Can.
Aluminum Radiator.
HardRace E mounts.
Air filter.
VW Hornes.
Clear Cam Cover.
Platinum NGK plugs.
New Timing belt.

Tein SS Coilovers.
Enkei PF05 18x 8.5 45+
18x 9.5 25+.
LS400 front brake Calipers, Stoptech Braided Lines, Intima SR F and R Ceramic Pads.
Top mount Suspension Strut brace.
Rear Strut brace.
Rear Dimpled and Slotted rotors and Ceramic pads.
Rear adjustable Camber Arms.
Enkei lightweight nuts.
15mm front spacers.

Body work:
Front Lip, Side Skirts.
Altezza Bonnet Grill.
Angleeye Xenon headlights.
Smoked Tail lights.
Smoked blinkers.
Rain shields.
Rear Windows Shield cover.
Rolled Guards.
Aero Wipers.
Bonnet Gas Struts.
Rear FG pods.

Cams to be installed and then Getting it prepped for Tune.

Last pic is an older pic my piping has been redone to fit the FFIM.

All thanks to Jacob at Macarthur Motorsport & Mechanical help me a lot along the way!.

price on everything???

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So the car is with me 1st and 5th gear aren’t shifting so she will go to Adam at JEMs so he can wire in the trans control into the HALTECH he’s the man for it. Stock ecu can no longer do the job too many mods.

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The A340e has had these done to it:

• ATF Custom Heavy Duty
• 2nd Gear Sprag Assembly
• ATF Billet Accumulator Pistons
• ATF Billet Forward 7075 Aluminum Piston
• Filter
• Direct Drum Bushing
• Babbit Pump Bushing
• Overdrive Clutch Pack
  • Five .082 Thick Raybestos Stage 3 Frictions
  • Four .079 Thick Steels
• Overrun Clutch Pack
  • Three .081 Thick Raybestos Stage 3 Frictions
  • Three .079 Thick Steels
• Forward Clutch Pack
  • Seven .068 Thick Raybestos Stage 3 Frictions
  • Eight .071 Thick Steels
• Direct Clutch Pack - 3rd and Reverse Gears
  • Five .083 Thick Raybestos Stage 3 Frictions
  • Five .072 Thick Steels
• Intermediate Clutch Pack 2nd Gear
  • Five .081 Thick Raybestos Stage 3 Frictions
  • Six .072 Thick Steels
  • Two .100 Thick Steels
• Low and Reverse Clutch Pack
- Seven .067 Thick Raybestos Stage 3
- Seven .071 Thick Steels

She’s sweet for 700hp.
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