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Hi everyone,

Lexus IS 300 A/T 2002

I really need some help, I've got problem with starting my IS300 for six months... The problem occurs only after 8 hours and more of not driving the car. The engine is cranking but it sounds it`s tryining to fire, and after 6-10 seconds it`s starting smoothly. After that if I stop the engine and start again it`s starting after 1 second. When I`m driving everything works perfectly fine.

What I`ve done already:
- all resistance - crankshaft, camshaft, temp. sensor, VVTi solenoid, MAF - checked - nominal
- starter has been repaired but it was in good shape
- charging is ok
- battery is new - all clamps are clean
- original ignition sparks - new
- ignition coils are fine not smoked or anything disturbing
- techstream doesn`t see any problem
- fuel pump presure is fine - filter also checked
- there`s no leak from any hose
- EVAP is ok

I`ve made test, turn off the fuel pump, crank the engine without fuel for 3 second, fuel pump on, engine is starting like a charm...

I`ve recently located an oil leak from VVTi pulley, it`s not much but maybe it`s resposibile for my problem? Did someone has the same problem in the past? If oil is leaking from the VVTi pulley the camshaft at the start is in diffrent position than it should be? I`m not sure that my thinking is correct.

I would be really gratfull for any advice :)
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