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Thanks to 01MsMIS for this tutorial.

I been looking at the tutorials list and I don’t see any rear bumper removal, and i need to remove mine, so I decided to do a tutorial with pics.

1) you’ll need to remove your tail lights

2) Remove the mud flap near the bottom of the wheel well. this connects the splash guards with the bumper. Removing this piece will ease you in getting into the splash guard later.

3) Remove a nut at the bottom of the splash guard; this should be a 10mm

4) peel back the splash guard. This will expose another 10mm nut at the connection line b/w the rear quarter and the bumper (edge of the bumper closest b/w the rear quarter, bumper, and splash guard)

5) These are / were hidden behind the taillights. They are clear and shape like ninjar stars (rectangle with "wings" on each side). Remove them with some creativity

6). Repeat step 2, 3, 4 and 5 on other side

7)Remove all the clips on the bottom of the bumper. ( 4 clips total)

8) Remove the clips on trunk striker panel and trunk lining (2 clips on trunk lining and 5 on trunk striker panel)

9) pull the trunk striker panel/trunk lining out so you will have enough room to unscrew the 4 10mm nuts (u will need a long 10mm socket)

10) After the 4 nuts are out, you will be able to pull the bumper out

11) oh yeah remember to unplug the rear side markers
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