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IS300 Pricing

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Hey guys. I have been reading the message boards and looking around this site for a week or so now and find it to be very useful. I decided on getting an IS recently, only other cars I thought of were a Z06 Vette and 330Ci. Picked the IS cuz everyone and thier mother drives a BMW and the Vette will be a vibrating piece of trash that goes fast in 2 years time. I looked at the Preferred Dealer Directory and Bill there said he can sell a Yellow/Black IS with Luxury Package, LSD, heated seats, optional wheels (Graphite looking) for $31,500 before taxes and licensing. The MSRP sticker is $35,090. Wondering if anyone has heard of any better? ie more than 3500 off sticker
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Forgot to mention was a sales guy named Bill Geary at JM LEXUS in Ft. Lauderdale, FLorida
Go for it. It is a pretty good deal. I think that deal is possible because it's December. You can always get the best deals at this time of the year.

Good Deal! Take it!
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