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So the other day I was driving to work and the car stalled on me . I scanned the codes and I got the p1125. I was able to still drive because the cable controls 20٪ of the throttle. I got to work cleared the code which it didn't. the check engine light stayed on. I disconnected the battery for 4 hours and came back to see if that would help and rescanned then I got the p1125 & p1126.

I went to autozone last night and changed the throttle motor or the air idle control valve. But I still have the p1126. I used a multimeter and check the 4 pin connector going to the motor and only 1 wire has 1volt going to it and the rest are dead. I checked the ects fuse and its good . What should I try next ?
The wires for that pigtail where can I find them in the ecu ? Maybe ill do a continuity test. Also if you look past the pigtail there's some wires with electrical tape in thr background that I think shorted out but I don't believe those are part of that I could be wrong

*I know in the picture the wire is cut from the connector thats not the problem


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