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IS300 oil leak - usual suspects taken care of

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I replaced the VCGs, Cam and Crank seals and VVTi gear gaskets. Still have oil burning off the exhaust at 3 points. Is it my rear main seal? Ive power washed the underside and tried to chase it down. I know I probably need to do that again and add a dye, but anything more obvious? 317k on the clock, no CELs, runs fine. Before I got it the whole underside has been covered in oil, so I thought I had it licked.


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Maybe your transmission oil pan? That has a gasket instead of a silicone seal so its time might be up.
^that or the rear main has failed. If it’s never been changed, it’s definitely leaking at that mileage.
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It’s also a good idea just to wipe it down… and let the car idle for a little bit then actually check where it’s coming from. Like get underneath with a jack or lift. 99% of the time you can visually follow the trail and also tell which type / color / feel / smell of the liquid
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