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<P>The awesome <B>Team Lexus</B> IS300 racers, spearheaded by owner/driver <B>Chuck Goldsborough</B>, will be coming to South Florida for the <B>Grand Am Cup Miami 250</B> race at <B>Homestead-Miami Speedway.</B> The race itself will start on <B>Saturday, September 18, 2004 at 2:45 PM.</B><BR>
<P><B>SUPER-IMPORTANT UPDATE!</B> Because of the threat posed by Hurricane Ivan and the disruption of teams' travel plans, the Grand Am Series folks and the Homestead Speedway have POSTPONED THIS EVENT AND SHORTENED OR ELIMINATED PRACTIVE AND QUALIFYING SESSIONS. <B>(NEW DATES SATURDAY 18 SEPTEMBER and SUNDAY 19 SEPTEMBER.)</B><BR>
<P>Fortunately for us, Chuck and his team will take some time out from their hectic schedule to meet with members of IS300.NET. For revised information, see our related story, <B>A Visit With Team Lexus.</B><BR>
<P><B>Ticket Information</B>
<LI>Saturday, Sept. 18: $15
<LI>Sunday, Sept. 19: $20
<LI>Weekend Package: $30<BR>
(Includes Tickets for all three races and parking)<BR>
<LI>Youth: Free (12 and under)<BR>
FOR TICKETS, CALL 866-409-RACE or (305) 230-RACE.<BR>
<P>Don't forget to mark your calendars for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to not only cheer on Chuck and the rest of Team Lexus, but to actually meet the men who are proudly showing the Grand Am racing world what our cars are truly capable of.<BR>
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