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Back when I first found this site in July, I started going to the forums. I soon became addicted, staying up late to answer stranger's questions about CD controls, fighting with IS "haters", and arguing with intelligent people and idiotic people alike.

I was able to throw off my addiction for a while, because of a little something called school, but after being on this forum this night/morning for over 4 hours now, I remember why I love this forum so much.

While there are so many different people, with different opinions, and in different places in their lives, this forum is a place where all these people, who would have never met otherwise, can come to talk, ask questions, and ridicule others for their misinformation of automotive technica (j/k) all in an environment of relative peace.

Then I started imagining, half in jest, about how a real life meeting of all the members would be like. Could we get to "touch" TurboIS' super car? Would Muhammad bring the SRT intake and ECU system to prove to Doug that it's worth it? Would clam bring brochures for the 2001 M3? How many bouts of screaming and arguing would break out? And of course jeff would be there with his CL and an evil grin.

But would a real meeting of the members be possible? Both logistically and without the arrival of riot police?

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well, i dont think it is possible to get everyone together at the same time unless we get big enough to hold a convention (like the supra guys do, in vegas or something) it would be awkward at first, maybe, especially since we "know" each other in some way sand in other ways we would be total strangers. There would not need to be any riot police since most ppl who talk hard online aren't sh:t in real life, they would probably be so timid you wouldn't think of them as the trash talking bravado behind a computer screen. they most likely wouldn't show up for fear of being found out.
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