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IS300 needed for audio test in Detroit area.

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One of my clients puts together auto programs for manufacturers, etc. They need an IS300 for 3 days next week, for an audio test. Their client is Audi of America, in Auburn Hills, MI. The test will run from Tuesday a.m. to Friday a.m. This is a good quality company (, and they'll take good care of the car! Must have low miles, stock audio, and good condition. This gig will pay $500.00.

I let them take my car for 6 weeks when I first got it. There were no problems, and it was easy money (except I missed my car when it was gone!)

Sorry if this topic is too commercial, if so, moderators, please let me know

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just out of curiousity:

why dont you donate your '01 IS300 Silver/Blk ???
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