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well... dont know if any of you guys want this mtv

Earthbound - One Nation - Trance Nation MTV.mpg

it got the green is300 in there... this mtv is awsome...
if u want it download it now!

* the downloading speed of this site should be no problem, if the dl speed is too slow i will upload to some other site
i got cable i can connect at least 50kb/sec so should be no problem to any of you...

here are the files...









must have winrar program to extract...
if you dont... here is to download...

READ - download all files in the same folder then click on the earthboundmtv.rar to extract the whole mtv. then enter the password... there you go!

*** password to extract is : we love is300 forever ***

still got question or if u need anything?
feel free to ask me... i will be happy to help you out!

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Pretty cool video (and song).

Some things I noticed:

-- The steering wheel is two-toned...maybe wood and leather?
-- No sunroof
-- Side markers
-- The plates look German

Thanks for the vid!

p.s. The people in the video knew not to mess with the IS
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