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is300 model kit

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i ordered this model kit for the is 200/300. i received confirmation today that it was shipped from Japan. the cost was $19 + $9 shipping.

the same model kit is being auctioned on ebay currently at $76
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thanks for the info zamscan!
Those poor guys paying $76 for $28 package.. they should've come to
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yes, thank you, $28 is reasonable, 76 isn't

thank you soooo much.. i was bidding on that car and i was up to 40.00


Thanks, zam!

Although I'm sort of dissapointed that it wasn't done by Tamiya, I still ordered two.
I also have the same model sent by a friend of mine from Hong Kong.......He claimed that it was quite difficult to locate it but he managed. It was around $10 (US)
Anyone knows exactly how big it is? Do you have a picture of the kit?
the car is 1/24 scale if thats anything for ya.

i ordered mine today and i think it'll be fun to try to build it to look like my exact car.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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