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2004 IS300
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Sorry @thatvp , i have found the problem the day i told you i would look it up but it seems my post didnt went through... i posted it from my phone in my garage..
anyway, i have found the mistake! the connection red/blue - grey was WRONG. this gives a "D" feedback to the ECU. cut the connection.
instead connect red/blue to yellow/green! this gives a "2nd" feedback to the ECU. the additional connection inside, at the gear selector, gives a "L" !
please report if you had success, so I can edit the tutorial.
I was trying out a lot as you can imagine, so I got a little bit confused when putting together the tutorial.

@aratk924 this is the first time i hear about "quantum auto". i believed that still nobody managed to get inside the ECU!?

I also drive catless and beat the CEL with a RC circuit, cost: 2 bucks :p
Can confirm! It is in fact the the RED/BLUE to YELLOW/GREEN wire to put it into Low. Just soldered it together.
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