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just short of a year ago I replaced the drivers and sanger side door lock actuators on my 04 Sportcross. The left side sounded like a machine gun but, would still unlock but the right side was unresponsive. I replaced both of them with used ones out of an 03 Sportcross. They will all unlock from the inside of the car just fine. The problem comes from the outside. When I hit the unlock button on the key it will chirp once and unlock the driver's door only. Once in a blue moon it when I click the button on the key it will chirp more than one time and will give me the second chirp and unlock all the doors. However this is hit or miss. The car does not like to lock by the key button. If I lock it from the inside lock switch, it will arm the alarm after the door is shut. If moments, after I hit the unlock button on the key the car, will not respond. If I put the key in the door and turn the door will open, however, the alarm will go off. the little red light on the key will still light up with each button press. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

For any confusion, ill sum it up

replaced bad lock actuators with used 03 sportcross parts that reportedly worked on another car.

go to the car to unlock the car, hit the button on the key 2 or more times to unlock all doors, car gives off 1 chirp and unlocks only the driver's door, will sometimes chirp back 2 or 3 times and unlock all doors however rare.

when the car has just been locked, the car armed the alarm system will refuse to chirp back and unlock. If the key is put in the door car alarm will sound as the door is opened and will not stop until the car is started.

fixes tried,

new door lock master switch
new key battery
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