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Thanks to moderator 300iss for this tutorial.
I took some time out of my day today to try to figure out how to take off the gas door that everyone says is impossible because it is spot welded on. Well I found a quick and easy way to do it! It only take 10-15 minutes!

I hope this helps everyone, I havent heard of one person that said they knew how to take it off, or ever thought you could. :)

I think this should be added to the sticky to help people out. In the future, everyone will know how to do it then.


1) Flat screw driver

2) Masking tape


1) Tape around gas lid, so you dont scratch the car upon removal.

2) Pry off gas cap cord from door.

3) With screwdriver placed under this "spring lever thing," pry up. It will pop right off.

This is what it looks like when off. It just has a circular cut out that is push fitted onto the hinger bar.

4) Next, use the flat screwdriver to bend back the top tab so that it clears the hinge bar.

5) Next, use the flat screwdriver to bend back the bottom tab so that it clears the hinge bar.

6) Close the gas door to about 30-45 degrees and push toward the front of the car so that the tabs you just bent clear the hinge bar. Close more if needed.

7) Pull outward and the door is free.

8) Congrats, You're done!

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It would be nice to know how to put it back on. I took mine off for a color match and now I have a door that doesn't go back on. I'm sure I'll get it fixed, but reversing the steps doesn't necessarily work.


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The gas lid jamb isn't welded on.. it's riveted on. You can just drill a hole through it and the gas lid will pop right off.. but make sure you have a rivet tool to rivet it back on. I usually do this to customer's car as a last resort where I work when we need a paint sample.. but I make sure to order a pair of rivets from the dealers first before I take it off.

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