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Thanks to squareback once again.
I know this is one of the easiest things to do, but I recently bought a Sportdesign grille from ALEXIS at the JM Mega Meet. I searched, and there were no threads with pics (probably because it is so easy, you don't need them) in regards to install.

Also with the influx of new members buying the IS300, some of the more simple items that were figured out 5 years ago, might need to be brought up again, for the next generation.

dayvers my SportX brother did this last year, and I thought it looked great, so I had to copy him.

Here is a stock 2002 grille

Here is my daughter modeling a Sportdesign grille in the trunk

Here is them side by side for comparison

The install is pretty straight forward, and quick. Max thirty minutes.

1) There are two plastic "screws" on each end, and a metal screw in the middle. Just the inner plastic screws (one per side) needed to be taken out, not both on each side.

2) Then there are three tabs at the bottom of the grille. Push these down and push the grille towards the radiator. Then just delicately jiggle it out. Then the reverse for the install.

All the tools you will need is a small flat-head screwdriver, and possibly a small Phillips if your flat-head won't work. You will also need a long screwdriver to push the tabs down on the bottom of the grille.

1) Remove the inner plastic side and metal center screws. The plastic screws only need to be turned slightly, then the center to be popped up. Don't force them or the will break.

2) Push down on bottom three tabs, and push the grille towards the radiator

3) Remove

Now for the reinstall of new grille

1) Put in new grille, and from the backside push away from the radiator to get the three bottom tabs to snap in place

2) Replace all the screws

Here it is all buttoned up

And the results

Viva la difference!
(New - Sportsdesign on top, Old - Stock underneath)

Now my daughter can ride in style

One handed

Two funny things happened during the install, well maybe only if your married.

1) My wife open the front door of the house, and asks "What are you doing?". I said, "I'm changing my grille." She then said "Why is there something wrong with the old one?" I said no, and she looks at me puzzled, shakes her head, and walks back in the house.

2) Once I'm finished, I take a step back and bask in the beauty of the new grille. I'm proud and excited because I did something on my own without breaking anything and it looks sweet. Then my wife comes out, and said "I liked the old one better", and walks back in the house.

I have a couple other things in the works for the SportCross, stay tuned.
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